Brexit causes TransferWise and Azimo to seek new European Headquarters

Keep calm and move to Berlin

The UK has picked to exit the European Union creating fintech companies to reassess their choice of London as their European HQ. Azimo has already verified their brand-new Headquarters will be established up in Dublin. While these firms reveal no passion in moving out of London they are set on establishing an alternative plan to ensure their passporting permit continues to be intact and also their customer service stays continuous. TransferWise has guaranteed their members that measures are currently in a position to guarantee boarderless accounts stay safe and secure as well as obtainable despite the result with Britain’s negotiations. Growth and development for them continue with a Belgium license soon to be gotten. With the competition circling in all directions, Britain has a lengthy and fairly potentially unpleasant fight on their hands if they expect to preserve their standing and credibility within Europe as the main location for fintech companies.

TransferWise Review

TransferWise money without borders

TransferWise is one of the most successful startups in online money transfers industry. Usually the origins of the company are described in the following way. An entrepreneur from Estonia, and first Skype employee, grew tired of having to pay massive fees to banks in order to transfer his money to Estonia from the UK. He came up with the absolutely brilliant idea of matching up remittance senders with receivers who were in the same country. This resulted in the launch of TransferWise, complete with an office sauna as well as employees who were committed to taking on those evil entities called banks who do not value consumers. Funding for the startup was received from leading investors including Ben Horowitz, Richard Branson and Peter Thiel. With a $1.18 billion valuation, it became the most expensive ever “unicorn.” Like any good story, and in an otherwise mundane PR collection, TransferWise is truly a standout. This one definitely has all of the major elements: helpless suffering victims, old conniving despots, and a handsome savoir with plenty of clever tricks up his sleeve. Their gained amazing 9.5 of 10 rating on TrustPilot , dozens of bloggers with their TransferWise review posts and tons of positive social signals Read More …

TransferWise vs PayPal Comparison

TransferWise vs PayPal

If you run a business that relies on overseas employees or freelancers or if you are an expat, you will know the endless struggle and high costs that come with sending money each month. PayPal is typical choice to start from but sooner or later you will be looking for alternative way for making online payments with lower fees. There are many fees for international money transfers and the exchange rates can easily eat into your budget. Over the years, many people have turned to PayPal to help, but more and more people are looking at other services including TransferWise. It is important that you compare the two services before you determine which one you should be using. Also if you have no any bank account yet or you want to pay without credit card TransferWise is still right choice for you. The Reputation And Safety Knowing if a company that will handle your money is legitimate and safe is vital. A scam company could make off with your money and you may not have any recourse or means of getting this back. PayPal is one of the earliest internet startups and was created before the dot com bubble in Read More …