Hi, I’m Zak and I’m passionate about currency exchange and international money transfers. I strongly believe everyone should be financially literate and have at least basic knowledge about how our economical world is designed. If I say that money is product then not everyone will understand me. In fact you can sell and buy money, and the exchange rate dictates the price you pay in the end. It’s important to understand how currency exchange works and what affects currency value, how they all are related. Single word said by prime minister of a country can boost or harm the exchange rate of country’s currency in minutes. Yes, this is that serious. Also we are living in almost borderless world those we need right tools for sending money between countries and currencies. And this is actual not only for traders who make their income by following currency exchange trends but also (and mostly) regular people and companies.

On this blog I going to share my knowledge of currency exchange trading and international money transfers. I hope this content will bring value for my readers.